How To Begin Planning Your Wedding

Picture this, the person you love more than anything in the world has gotten down on one knee and asked you to spend the rest of your life with them. It’s the best feeling in the world and you will never forget it. As soon as you announce it to your family and friends the inevitable questions start pouring in; when is the big day?, what colors are you going to have?, and what is your dress going to look like?. This can be very overwhelming BUT I am here to help you solve all of that. Together we will answer the big question “So we are engaged, now what?”. Here are the Five things you will need to do in order to begin with planning your Best Day Ever!

Enjoy your ring: Some couples want to be engaged for a long time before they get married and some a short period of time. Being engaged is a great time and you should enjoy it for as long as you and your significant other feel you would like to. No need to rush into planning if aren’t ready to.

Pin Pin Pin: If you haven’t already, start a Pinterest board and add anything that is wedding related that you like. Once you start pinning things to your board you will notice patterns; a color scheme, décor you find interesting, and floral pieces you love. Maybe you have always thought you wanted a big cathedral ceremony but you start Pinning and find out that you really like the idea of a small outdoor garden ceremony. Pinterest isn’t only great for ideas, if you decide to DIY some details of your wedding it can be a great tool for tutorials!

Talk money: This is possibly the most important factor in wedding planning. The best way to start with determining a budget is to determine where the budget is coming from. Are you footing the bill yourselves, going traditional and having the bride’s parents pay, or will it be a little bit of all families helping out? Once the budget is set you will be able to start the fun stuff!

Pick a season: It is easiest to choose a range of dates that would work best for you if you know the season that you want to get married in. Maybe you have always imagined your dream spring beach wedding, or a beautiful rich colored fall wedding. If you are not partial to a certain time of the year then it would might be best to choose an “off-season” time. “Off-season” weddings will ensure better venue prices and better availability for vendors. June and September are the peak wedding months, whereas winter months (January, February, and March) tend to be less popular times for weddings.

Pick a spot: This part can be fun, imagining your big day on the beach at your favorite hotel, or picturing saying “I do” in the presence of all of your loved ones in your family church. Be sure to choose the perfect spot that you and your significant other really want to tie the knot in and don’t allow others to sway your choice.

Have fun, once the planning begins the time will fly by! If planning begins to feel overwhelming be sure to take the time to sit down and relax, have a date night, and start again at a later time.

Stay tuned here for more helpful articles about planning your dream wedding!